Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quiet Month

I'm usually more wordy. It's been a *really* busy month at work and at home. My older baby was struggling this month. I think sometimes we delay adjustments, and then they hit you all at once. She was seemingly fine with the divorce, and then suddenly fell into a difficult period with it. She's stabilizing and seems to be doing better again. I'm hopeful.

As for me, well I'm here. That's about all I can do today. I'm not sad or mad or anything other than too busy to really think about what's next for me.

I got a mass email yesterday (or maybe the day before) from the guy who wrote Conversations with God. It said something to the effect of "your inner life is begging for some attention...are you listening?" I always seems to get these emails when I need to hear them. I've been so busy with work, kids, reading for my ESM class, just keeping my head above water, that I really haven't taken much time to meditate, pray and think. And I find myself missing that. Lent is coming, and life seems to slow down around Lent. I'm hoping to think of some good, healthy disciplines to take on this year for Lent.

For now, I'm content to have a break from self-examination.

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